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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hey guys. for those who dont have the form, please print it here and fill it up. with your parents signature of course. you must hand in this form by this saturday's practice because Mdm Ma is coming back and she wants to collect it.

-Shermaine ^^

10:13 pm

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hi my dearest pineapples! ;D
Our handover ceremony will be a simple one this year.

Date : 24th May, Tuesday
Time : 2.30 - 3 or 3.30 latest (CCA resumes for Sec 1 to Sec 3 after that)
Venue : CO Room

The new comm members have been informed, so hurry remember to get presents for your seniors k! Sec Fours, do remember to get your handover gift too. And tell your juniors of their roles well. It's the final last time for us Sec Fours to be CO members and it's only for about half an hour to an hour, so please turn up ok!

I'll see you all there alright? ;D

Love, Luo Yi.

7:33 pm

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dearest TMSCO members!

Luo Yi here. Again. LOL.

Today some of us went to receive the results. FYI, we achieved a Gold award. Before receiving the results, I told myself repeatedly that I would be satisfied with a Gold. I told myself that I would cry out of joy when we received a Gold. I told myself I would celebrate if we got Gold. Turns out, I was just lying to myself. When the results were released, I was devastated. We were devastated. We cried and cried and cried all the way to the MRT. It's kinda funny if you think back about how it was like now. We cried so hard that passer-bys probably thought we garnered a COP or a Bronze for our SYF. LOL. But yeah, we were really sad. Crushed. Emotionally drained.

But TMSCO, it's time to move on. You know, we're the first school to perform in the whole of Singapore! It's already very lucky that we're able to get a Gold. And also, probably because we're the first school that's why the following schools behind us got Silver. This means that yes, we've set a high standard for this year's SYF (: And besides, what's so bad about a Gold? I think a Gold is magnificent!
People, give yourself a pat on the back (or pat on the head if your hand is too short)!

(Here's something that most people would say when they want to encourage people who had just broken up with someone. LOL. I think we can also relate to it too!)

Don't be sad because it's over. Be glad because it happened.

Like what I posted on my FB status, This award has degraded us on paper. But really, have we been degraded? All I see now is a tighter CO with more people with a drive to excel and improve. Degradation? Bullcrap. This Journey isn't over, TMSCO. It's only begun.
The title of our set piece was aptly named. SYF IS a Journey. And in TMSCO, it's a Journey filled with fun, laughter and ultimate weirdness. I mean, we mass-hugged liulaoshi in the middle of the road while crying and laughing at the same time! What could be weirder and cuter than this? ;D

We really owe a lot to liulaoshi. Everything we've managed to achieve, it was all due to his hardwork. Even though a lot of you always complain about him scolding and nagging, I saw and felt nothing but gratitude towards him today. It was a truly touching moment when we all went to hug him and he played along with our gayness. Really. As much as we love complaining, we share an amazing bond with him. This bond, I believe, you can't find it in other COs.

(Hope everyone had smsed him like I told you guys to!)

Ok this is about all. I'm truly proud of you guys. Year 2011 SYF - Gold. Congratulations and please, keep up the good work! ;D


10:00 pm

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hey TMSCO. Here's Luo Yi. It's probably gonna be one of my last posts in the CO blog so do read, ok? (:

Thank you for the wonderful feeling on stage today. Now's th torturous wait for the results on Thursday. Everyone, please don't worry about it. We've done it. It's over. There's no use being paranoid and worried over something that we can't predict. It's been truly wonderful to be able to perform with all you weird people. Really. It was.

Everyone, please show your appreciation to Liulaoshi, huolaoshi and all the other instructors for their care and guidance. Without them, we wouldn't be able to accomplish much. A simple thank you or maybe you can write a card or give a little gift. Thank them for being ever supportive.

Also, please offer your gratitude to the alumni for their constant encouragement and honest opinions on how to improve our playing. They've been ever supportive and some of them even pon-ed school/ work to come to encourage us! That's really a huge sacrifice so please, everyone, do be appreciative!

We're receiving the results on Thursday, the sec threes and sec fours. I hope everyone remember what it was like two years ago when our results were announced. We cheered and screamed for at least a minute long. LOL. I insist ok, this time when they release our results, shout and scream for at least a minute long too! Whether we get bronze, silver, gold or GWH. Just scream your damn lungs out and show them the TMSCO crazy spirit, ok? ;D

Ok that's about all. The GIF at the beginning of this post is to remind everyone to stay crazy and weird. Don't be worried about the results! Like what Caleb (TWE's band major) said, we shouldn't let the colour of the award define the success of the CCA.

See you guys on Thursday (:

7:39 pm

Monday, April 18, 2011


The Alumni will all be rooting for you lovely peeps, both physically and spiritually.

Do your best, enjoy yourself, and..do your best! We'll be there to unleash our eye power on you all tomorrow *grins*.

So do us proud, do the school proud, and most importantly do yourself proud! No worries though, no matter the results we'll still love you all! But if GWH we confirm love you more hehehe :)

Do your hair nice nice iron your costumes neat neat shine your shoes bright bright and we'll see ya all on stage tomorrow morning!

From the always sexy group of people,

6:33 pm

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Hi my dearest apple cores ;D
It's been long since this has been updated. MY APOLOGIES! :( I'm currently abstaining from the internet. (Basically meaning that I wouldn't be updating anymore. Unless it's for super important things.)


Ok this post is for this short sort of announcement thing and also to remind everyone that SYF is 9 days away. SYF IS 9 DAYS WAY. That's one week plus two days! If we set our mind to really do it, we can. So please everyone. Please continue to try your very best and be the most productive. Put in effort for that final glory which all of us will enjoy.

"Whether You Think You Can or Can't, You're Right" --Henry Ford .

Also, I'd like to commend those who have been trying their best to do taifeng (: I think the bassists are doing a really impressive job.The half of erhu that's closer to the whiteboard are also trying their very best. As for woodwind and plucked strings, the taifeng is there but it's a little too subtle, so please continue to work hard alright?
Ultimately it isn't about just swaying around or swirling or dancing on your chair. It' feeling the music that you're playing. Once you've properly mastered the song and came up with your own appropriate interpretation, moving along with the music isn't too difficult. Like huolaoshi said, it's about being serious and showing how eager you are for the GWH. Attitude matters a lot when it comes to music playing. Because with good attitude, good skills come naturally.

Please continue to do your very best, my lovelies. I'll see you all on monday for CO practice.

Be the best because you can be.

11:52 pm


Temasek Secondary Chinese Orchestra (TMSCO) was established in the 2000.
It expanded from a plucked string ensemble to a full-fledged orchestra in the year 2001.
Under the baton of Mr Cheng Chung Hsien, TMSCO enjoyed a successful flight achieving promising results in the SYF Central Judging between April 2002 to September 2008.
Now having Mr Liu Bin leading this army, TMSCO will definitely continue to strive for excellence and is determined to scale to even greater heights.
The orchestra now consists of over 90 enthusiastic members, with us six professional instructors.

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President: Berenice Chong 4/1

Vice President: Nicholas Kang 4/1, Tan Luo Yi 4/6

Student Conductor: Poh Shao Yong 4/7
Assistant Student Conductor: Jezreel Cheong 2/6

General Secretary: Leo Kay Min 4/5, Melody Goh 4/3
Assistant General Secretary: Gina Widjaya 3/3

Honorary Treasurer: Shawn Loo 4/4, Chuang Jing Ying 4/1

Operation Officer: Tan Quan Yu 4/1, Tee Meng Li 4/4
Assistant Operation Officer: Yeo Wei Bin 3/7

Instrument Manager: Sarah Sng 4/8, Lee Shi Min 4/1
Assistant Instrument Manager: Heng Jun Wei 3/7

Score Master: Michelle Lee 4/1, Tan Hui Min 3/1
Assistant Score Master: Soon Cheng Yi 3/2

Sectional In-Charge

Bowed Strings
Primary: Lim Shi Jing 4/5
Assistant: Tan Hwee Jing 3/2, Janice Wong Sin Yee 3/5

Primary: Keren Goh 4/4
Assistant: Bryant Chua 3/5

Primary: Cheong Shi Min 4/6
Assistant: Mandy Chan 3/5, Kim Yeon Jae 3/1

Plucked Strings
Primary: Koh Ning Le 4/2
Assistant: Kristy Ng 3/4, Kellyn Chua 3/3

Primary: Nicholas Ng 3/3,Shermaine Goh 3/3
Assistant: Lee Yee Yong 3/5


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